Rail Gun
—Image © Kixeye
TargetsAny (Ground)
Damage TypeFocused
StoreResources Resource Cost
StoreTwigs Twigs750,000


"Flings electrically charged projectiles capable of penetrating walls. Long range and packs a wicked punch."


A tower with electromagnetic rails and the last to unlock. The Rail Gun has an outstanding range and penetrating damage with a cost of rate of fire. It is the smallest defense and can be hidden behind a Lvl 5-8 Monster Locker and Lvl 3-4 Hatchery. However, it does not attack airborne monsters, making it vulneruble to Destronauts, pairing it with anti-air towers will make good work to them. It's a good idea to surround it with Silos and optionally, Town Hall to protect them as the attackers will damage the Silos while the Rail Gun kills them.

Upgrade ProgressionEdit


Level Upgrade cost Upgrade Time Health Range DPS Town Hall Level
1 750,000 5d 1,800 300 19 8
2 1,500,000 5d 6h 1,900 315 28 8
3 2,000,000 6d 2,000 330 42 8
4 3,000,000 6d 8h 2,100 345 56 9
5 4,000,000 6d 12h 2,200 360 75 9
6 5,000,000 7d 2,350 380 94 9


Level Fortify Cost Fortify Time Damage Reduction Town Hall
1 750,000 1d 10% 5
2 1,000,000 1d 12h 15% 6
3 1,500,00 2d 20% 7
4 2,000,000 3d 30% 8

Building ProgressionEdit

Level Normal Damaged Destroyed
Railguntower1 damaged
Railguntower1 destroyed

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