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"Stores any monsters hatched in the Hatchery. Building and upgrading more housing increases total capacity of monsters stored."


The 'Housing' is the  building that stores monster for attacking. The Housing makes space for the monsters when preparing for an invasion. Building more and upgrading increases storage, total of 1,480 space. It is also good to upgrade it to the highest level depending on the player's Town Hall level.

Upgrade ProgressionEdit


Level Upgrade cost Upgrade Time Health Housing Space Town Hall Level
1 250 10m 200 110 1
2 500 15m 400 160 2
3 10,000 1d 600 260 4
4 250,000 2d 800 290 6
5 750,000 3d 1,000 320 8
6 1,500,000 5d 1,200 370 9

Building ProgressionEdit

Level Normal Damaged Destroyed
1-6 Housing1 Housing1 damaged Housing1 destroyed

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